The Band

randy 2013Randy Bauer, keyboards, saxophone, and accordion: Randy grew up in Blackduck, Minnesota, and started playing music at the age of eight. By the time he was 15 he had made music a full-fledged career. He remembers having to sit on stage during breaks because he was too young to be in the club. Out of high school he went on the road full time with several acts, including Macarthur Park, a funk band out of Washington, D.C. He also started his own two-piece band called 2’s Company, a show band that played five-piece rooms. His talent has led him to perform as a member of several national groups such as The Shirelles, The Coasters, Tommy Roe, Sha Na Na, and the Drifters just to name a few. He also has provided production and sound for many national acts, including Gary Allan, Ronnie Milsap, Merle Haggard, Staind, and many others. His abilities as a composer gave him the opportunity to score the movie Bemidji Between the Wars 1918-1941. He brings the boogie-woogie funk edge to the Smokehouse band’s wildly varied sound, allowing them to please a wide variety of musical tastes.


Bob Judnick, bass: Bob began taking acoustic guitar lessons at age 8; string bass became primary while joining his school orchestra at age 10. He performed at many weddings and dance clubs with his father’s variety band from age 14 through high school and college at the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD) as a Music Major.
During college he performed concerts with UMD Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra before joining Wild Eyes- a band that would follow or share the stage with Ruby Starr, Flamin’ Oh’s Band and Metro all Stars. After a break from the road he became a member of Dakota Crossing with Gregg Aaron Brown- currently a performer/producer in Nashville Tennessee- to play country music with his house band in Superior, WI .Dakota Crossing would eventually share the stage with The Beach Boys and Three Dog Night at Wade Stadium in Duluth, MN.
The Wayne Renn Band hired Bob as fill-in bassist in August, 2013- March, 2014 touring the Midwest states region, and he is currently bassist in the Smokehouse Band.


Clint Reynolds, drums: My dad made it easy to follow in his musical footsteps. He was a seasoned musician and vocalist. Yes, Bedazzled Nudy Suits and Fancy Sockets? Ha-Ha! I was 7 years old the first time I played on a stage with him. After he got back from Nashville we moved to Wyoming where I grew up cowboying and guiding in our family’s outfitting business. After the Navy I was a welder by day and musician by night. I played in some very popular bands in the upper Midwest: Abandon, Silver Wings, Trail Blazers, and one of the founding fathers of the band Clear Blue, Minnesota’s premier country bands. Although my dad’s Bedazzled Nudy Suits never struck my fancy, being a touring musician sure did. Smokehouse has given me that opportunity and now I’m playing all over the United States. When not on stage performing you can find me keeping the fish population in check!!

AJ-2015A.J. Waters, guitars: A.J. hails from Missouri and began playing at the ripe old age of six, so to say he is a seasoned player is quite an understatement. A.J. joined the service at the age of 17 and was stationed in Germany, where he continued to hone his craft until his return to Kansas City. Enjoying much success with a regional act called Trick Ryder, he got the opportunity to travel full time, opening for many national acts. Along the way A.J. met Smokehouse keyboard and saxophone player Randy Bauer, which led them to pursue the opportunity to join forces. A.J. brings an awesome vocal talent to the group, including a great country voice, as well as an unparalleled ability on guitar for the wide variety of musical taste that makes Smokehouse a band with a niche all their own.